Telecoms and the Internet

With the advancements in technological innovation, major changes have been experienced in the telecommunication industry. These innovations have enabled information to spread and reach more people around the world through the use of modern technologies and the internet. This blog seeks to look at some of the emerging trends in the telecommunication industry with a focus the internet, the broadcast media and how to ensure that your data and online activities remain secure when on the internet.

The Internet World

The internet is an interconnection of computers networks around the globe that uses the internet protocol suits to link these connected computing devices. The internet carries a wide range of resources and services including applications, the World Wide Web, electronic mail, telephony and file sharing. Undoubtedly it can be argued that the internet has greatly influenced globalisation, which is the process of integration and communication among people, governments and companies. Global internet usage, on the other hand, refers to the number of people using the internet in the world through the use of mobile devices, computers or other display platforms.

Information communication technology (ICT) is a branch of information technology (IT) which focuses on the integration of computers, telecommunication including wireless signals and telephone lines, and the necessary software and storage systems that enable users access, store or manipulate the information which is stored on the internet. Nowadays, it’s common to find ICT being taught in schools around the world.

This shows that there is so much to learn about the telecom-industry and we encourage you to read our other pages on the site. This will give you an idea of some of the basic needs that you need to know about the internet as a whole, the latest networks and how best to secure your online activities. It also covers some of the best available internet solutions such as the virtual private networks commonly referred to as the VPN’S.