How the Internet Has Affected Telecommunication

When the term ‘telecommunication’ is mentioned, the first thing which comes to mind is the use of telephone communication. The name, however, refers to all technologies used to pass messages in different formats. These include broadcast channels and cable connections and, in the modern-day, over-the-internet communications.

The internet has had as much effect on the telecommunications industry as it has on every other sphere of life, if not more. Today, pretty much every communication avenue has a link to the internet. So, what are some of the most profound effects of the internet on telecommunication?

Convergence of Communication Technologies

Before the internet, telephones used to be for voice calls and text messages. Videos were a reserve of television broadcasts. In the new age, however, these technologies have been able to merge their capabilities to create a more satisfactory communication experience. Voice calls and video calls, for instance, are a significant improvement in how phone calls are made.

Immediacy and Archiving

The internet has allowed a ‘content on-demand’ model, where consumers do not have to wait for fixed times to access the content. One can get the news immediately it happens through a live stream. They can, as well, consume the same material later through archiving platforms such as YouTube.

Improvement in Quality and Speed

The internet makes communication connections faster and of better quality. Videos can be viewed dependant on the quality of the viewer’s devices; voice calls are clearer with far fewer interruptions if any at all. There are no inconveniences conventionally, as there used to be when it all relied on a cable connection.

Cost Reduction

The most significant benefit of the internet, arguably, has been the reduction of any physical infrastructure necessary to set up a telecommunication channel. As a result, the industry has grown immensely. Many more people can now afford to get into the industry, which has created diversity and healthy competition.