Popular and Resourceful Telecommunications Publications

Reading has always led the way as a means of enlightening the masses. However, with so much to consume and many information sources coming up, the reading culture around the world has taken a major hit over the last several years.

Well, you do not have to join the multitude of non-readers. If you aren’t reading voluminous fiction novels, you should at least be reading stuff that keeps you in the know. Telecommunication stuff can go a long way in doing that, given the integral role the industry plays in everyday human lives.

Here are a number of resourceful publications you can use for that purpose:

New Telephony

With the evolution that telephone communication is taking, this online magazine could not have been more aptly named. It talks in detail about IP addresses, the protocol that defines identity and security in most internet dealing. It has a mix of news and features, updated weekly.


This one goes as far back as Voice over Internet Protocol, the earliest step towards the modern way of communicating. It provides tips that can keep you safe online, including how to manage data and making the most of wireless communications.

Wireless Week

This publication, which you might correctly guess comes out weekly, focuses on the use of the mobile as an internet access device. It discusses how you can use the gadgets for business purposes while on the go. If you spend too much time on your phone but don’t have much to show for it, then this is the publication to set you on the right path.

Call Centre

In many modern telecommunication dealings, speaking to customers is of the essence. If you are dealing with clients of some sort, then this publication will give useful insights on how to handle customer care departments effectively and efficiently.