Telecommunication in the Modern World

This blog focuses on the emerging trends in the telecommunication industry in the modern world with the internet playing an essential role in the development of communication solutions and infrastructures. The following are some of the topics to be covered on this site.

Evolution Of Telecommunication Industry

The telegram was the first mechanical communication device to be invented, and it helped reduce communication time from days to just minutes. Other innovative communication devices have been developed since the telegram, including computers, landlines and mobile phones. With these developments, it’s now possible to send information within seconds over a long distance.

Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers are either privately or publicly owned organisations that allow individuals to access, store or update resources on the internet. Services that fall under the providers include web hosting, internet access infrastructure, domain registration, among other services. Within this article, you will find several tips about how to identify a reliable service provider as well as some important information related to securing your internet experience.

The 5G Network

The fifth-generation network is a recent development in the mobile internet network that is tipped to revolutionise the mobile network industry. With leading companies building infrastructure to support this new network, it will be exciting to see how this technology will change the telecommunications industry.

How VPN’S Work on Mobile Devices

Virtual private networks act to secure your online activities in that they act as a link between your devices and the internet. We have pointed out some of the benefits of having a VPN on mobile devices.